Rapid Roulette online

Rapid Roulette online: how it differs from classic roulette and winning strategies

Roulette is an old and beloved by many players gambling. If you have experience playing roulette, then you, like no one else, know what pleasure you feel at the moment when your bet on zero in Vegas wins for the first time. Due to the great popularity of American Roulette and others games, companies and online casinos began to make new versions such as Rapid Roulette online https://spin-paradise.com/casino-games/online-roulette/ in order to foster the interest of players.

This was made possible thanks to the development of modern technology and the Internet. For many users, it’s much easier to play from home, rather than go to the nearest casino, stand in line, contact other people. Now you can play australian online casino using your PC or download your favorite game to your smartphone and play even offline.

Rapid roulette online tutorial – basics of the game and rules

Rapid Roulette is an online live dealer game created by NetEnt. This company is already familiar to players with its advanced technologies and high-tech innovations. Rapid Roulette is always played only with a live dealer who stands against a themed animated background. The main part of the game is that the rounds are very fast. The player has only 25 seconds to place a bet. In classic roulette, a bet is placed within 50 seconds.

For greater convenience, the game’s interface has been simplified and useful features such as favorite bet sets have been added. In terms of gameplay, it is a standard European roulette, but the speed of the rounds may surprise you.

The player sees a table with a field, divided into 37 divisions with numbers from 0 to 36. All colors except 0 are painted black or red. The player’s task is to predict which number or color the roulette wheel will stop at. At the beginning of the round, you bet on the division and wait for the dealer to launch the ball. Having made a couple of circles, the ball will stop and fall on one of the divisions on the roulette wheel. If you guessed right, then you take the payout using Paypal or other method. After that, the round ends and the next one begins.

Perhaps you ask why then people play Rapid Roulette online, when there is just European roulette, with the same gameplay. The answer is very simple – quick rounds, frequent spins. The more you play roulette, the more boring you are to wait for the ball to fall. You can draw a good analogy with slots that have an “Auto play” button. Rapid roll allows you to get more fun from the time spent, play more games, win more money. Try to search for “Rapid Roulette near me locations” and you will find a lot of casino to play in.

Rapid Roulette online

The best strategy to follow in Rapid Roulette

If you have already played European roulette and have experience, you can just stick to the strategy that you have developed. If not, we will give you a bunch of useful tips that will increase your chance of success:

  1. Do not play Rapid Roulette online with a graphic roulette. The wheel must be real, it must spin the ball, and it must fall onto a random division. Playing with computer roulette is like playing slots.
  2. Think about your bets in advance. Since the rounds are very fast, you will have to make decisions instantly. Create multiple bet sets to duplicate them at the beginning of each round.
  3. One of the favorite newbie strategies is the James Bond strategy. At the beginning of each round, bet $10 for zero, $140 for 19-36, and $50 for 13-18. In this case, you will only lose if you get the number 1-12.

Following this strategy, you will increase your chance of winning and be able to have fun at the gaming table with fun.